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Those are the Avengers. I can see how you’d make the mistake if the only character you recongize is Wolverine, but he’s an Avenger too.
There’s an unwritten rule in the MU that Wolverine and Spiderman have to be in every team book.
Like the DC “Batman always wins” rule.

Maxwell Edison

I see Doctor Strange. It’s the Defenders.

Also, weak troll, OP.


Needs moar Hawkeye


Strange is an Avenger now, all of these guys were when this was drawn. Currently Sentry, Wasp and Ares are dead, Wonderman quit, and is going to be an antagonist in the annual, Spiderwoman turned out to be the Skrull Queen, and Strange isn’t a doctor or Sorcerer Supreme.
There is a new Defenders book coming, Strange is in it, and Betty Ross will replace the Hulk.


way to show you all fail. this is post Civil War era. You’ll take notice that Power Man, Wolverine, Dr. Strange, Iron Fist, Spider-Man, Spider-Woman are on one team known as the New Avengers. and Iron Man, Wonder Man, Black Widow, Ms. Marvel, Ares, Sentry, and the Wasp are the Mighty Avengers


The names of the books were New Avengers and Mighty Avengers. No one on either team called their team “new” or “mighty” they called it the Avengers.
You fail to show other peoples fail. That’s probably why you post as an anonhole.
Thanks for playing, best of luck in your future trolls, feel free to fill out a Internet Butt Hurt form on your way out.


Could people that approve things, use appropriate tags like: “trolling”, “gravely misinformed”, etc ?


When did superman chage his ‘S”?