space chick

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    I recognize this artstyle. Back when I used to lurk Goes by the name something Posh or Posh something. Don’t remember. Had a thing for pin ups.


    the f*cking moron just cut the credits/copyright info and reposted it


    Or maybe another possibility would be that he found the picture already edited like this somewhere else on the internuts.


    I found it. Username is Poshspice. This was for one of weekly activities. This one is under CHOW (Character of the week). They give you a description of a character, and the users spend a week drawing out their creations: “NANCY GOODAIM, SPACE HEROINE Nancy Goodaim, Space Heroine and Flying Ace. Set in 2010 as seen from 1950. Nancy Goodaim saves Danny Seeker, the perky reporter from the Galaxy Daily, and the universe, from the clutches of Tal Largethought, the evil scientist and his nasty sidekick Kraw the Cruel in weekly episodal installments. Character needs to be larger than… Read more »