Not A Religion

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Righttttttt . . . .

(Besides, I had to be the trolls . . .)

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    How in the world is this trolling?


    I’m guessing because Ricky Gervais has never been that skinny?


    …A god less religion.


    They have a church….that makes them a religion….or a cult.


    School is not a church, it’s where you go to get edumecated.

    Church is where you go to find ways to ignore your education.


    It is still called a church sooooo…..


    You call school church?

    Did you go to school?

    Hmmmmm looks like a church….
    And yeah I went to school….it was not call the first church of anything when i went but I guess thing can change.


    You just googled “atheist church” and linked the first result, didn’t you? You didn’t even read the FAQ, right?

    Sad illetarate Christian.


    Whoa….easy with the name calling. Just i think atheists are just as bad as christians does not make me one of them. But you are right it was the first and i didn’t care. Also there is a church in France. It is a building called a church….it says church on the outside…not school. Get over it.


    I’m sure I’ll take your word for it. You’ve proven yourself to be quite adept at recognizing churches when you see them.


    Cool now that is settled i can go back to laughing at the funny pictures.


    Good thing you said you were trolling, because by this point I’d be completely convinced that you thought this was an actual argument for atheism as a religion.

    Poe’s law is such a bitch.


    That’s a pretty weak argument. Any hobby is a religion according to you?

    Also, if you compare Gervais to Carell you don’t know much about Gervais’ work. Or if you do, you just lack taste.


    goddammit korinthian, I hate it when I agree with you.


    Again you misunderstand. Fanaticism does not equal religion, it could apply to anything, like a hobby or fandom. You need to make an actual argument to prove atheism is a religion, not just point to vague similarities that also apply to obviously non-religious endeavors like sports and politics. How do you define religion anyhow? You are entitled to your bad taste, of course, but I’d be remiss in my duties should I not inform you that you’re lacking. This also applies to your choice of religion, of course. If atheism *were* a religion, I’m sure it’d be superior to Christianity… Read more »


    Hey, what about Penn Jillette?
    And Tim Minchin?
    And Bill Maher?
    And Richard Dawkins?
    And Daniel Dennett?
    or how about pretty much anybody here.

    /”I’m Spartacus”


    Good ol’ Alice. Good at finger pointing, bad at self reflection.

    How does it feel to always be the pot, Alice?


    Ahem. You seem confused. Let me clear this up for you.

    A. I’m not an atheist.

    B. That was a criticism, not a personal attack. It was an observation of your behavior. Try to learn the difference.

    C. You’ve never been interested in rational debate. For all you whining about personal attacks, all you seem interested in is smear tactics and name calling. Like I said, you enjoy pointing fingers.

    Grow the fuck up.


    It’s fun how the worst thing she can say about atheism is that it’s a religion, though.



    I saw him first time as host at the 68th Annual Golden Globe Awards this year.
    Great comedian, great performance. He closed the show with:
    “And thank you to god, that making me an atheist”