out of place politics

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    Makes no sense whatsoever… the GOP was threatened by the Tea Party way early on, fearing a fracture or dissolution of their own party, so they threw money and celebutards at it until it was destroyed. What’s left is a GOP front and policy/platform test lab.


    The GOP had a massive problem with the Teabaggers during the whole debt ceiling thing. I don’t think they’ve gone away completely yet.

    Besides, the election is coming up, and politicians are always looking for a steady supply of self righteous idiots.


    “What? Tea Partiers? Those crazy loonies who want us to cut spending, balance the budget, and stick to the limits of the constitution? what crazy space-monkey logic is THAT going to get us?”


    It’s hard to believe they want that seeing as how they vote Republicans in to office. Y’know, the assholes who started the whole budget mess and used the Constitution as toilet paper.


    You mean the guys who want to extend the recession as long as possible by fighting any attempt by the administration to get the economy going again? Those crazy loonies?


    It seems the Monster has turned on its maker.


    All of American politics is bullshit. Don’t care which party… Bullshit.


    Here’s what I’d like to see happen: 1) we cut our spending. There are lots of programs we could do without, or simply don’t fund themselves, they need to go. While I understand the need for Foreign aid in better times, right now we need to take care of our own first. 2) we increase our incoming tax revenue. Before we raise taxes on citizens, we need to eliminate corporate tax breaks with the exception of tax breaks for job creation. Even with the corps taking the majority of the hit, the average person is still going to feel it… Read more »


    Tea Party = doom of America