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    Uh, yeah, I’m pretty sure the company does all that, not me. :-/

    Luke Magnifico

    People use plastic spoons at home?


    …how did you think your water get to your sink for you to “environmentally friendly” wash your none plastic, fully reuse-able spoon?


    That’s cute. Now do the same for all that it takes to make the metallic spoon, the dish washer, the sponge, the sink, and all the other stuff needed to wash the spoon. Or do you supposed all those just magically appear at the store without any effort or use of resources whatsoever?


    It may be a bad example, but it’s making a very valid point. Western culture is too used to throwing things away. This needs to change, but it won’t, because people are lazy and short sighted.

    Luke Magnifico

    There’s a lot of anaonymous herpderpery going on in here.