Mcs fundraising

I’m finding myself in some financial distress yet again, and was dreaming of ways getting rich quick, and someone in my heads said, hey tiki, and i was like, wtf are you doing in my head?

Anyways we talked it out and he suggested that i sell mcs stickers and or posters. What do you think of this idea? The posters would be the drunk tiki from drunk tiki… Its one of the posts on the last page over there, and the stickers would be smaller versions of that as well as a simple m(c)s stylized sticker… Hmmm perhaps some could make one for a contest or something….

Yeah thats the ticket, next theme day will be stylized logos suitable for bumper stickers or for laptop stickers… I’ll pick a winner and send them a few of the printed stickers for their troubles. Then the rest of you can buy them for like $5 each.

On a totally unrelated note i’ve redone the mcs+ page, it’s fucking awesome now.

Comments please.

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    Hey I am a poor college student, you can give me money too.


    limit NK’s posting spree and i will see about helping your fundraiser. there is no point to upload pictures if whom ever hardly accepts our submissions and accept almost all of nk’s submissions.


    your submissions suck ass


    A lot of mine were discarded- do my posts suck, too?

    Alec Dalek

    DERNAZIKING’s posts are boring as fuck! I want to see more from puulaahi, demon, monkeyhitman and storminator! I’ve donated multiple times in the past, but as long NK’s posts polute this site, I ain’t donating shit. I used to visit this site everyday. Now I mainly just go to 9gag.

    Then again, at least casemods is gone. I’ll consider maybe a $1 donation just for that.

    Alec Dalek

    Oh, Nobody Knows changed their name again. Was: DERNAZIKING. Is now: rebelyell6002

    Kik Dogg

    Did you try looking in mcs + three months from now? That is about the lag time behind the coon’s backlog of bullshit.

    Luke Magnifico

    I’m in so much goddamn debt you wouldn’t even laugh if I told you, you’d be all “Shit, son, that’s fucked up”.


    Shit, Son, that’s fucked up.


    fuck that shit up, son


    Deviant Art will put a picture on ANYTHING. Maybe use their already existing store…

    I would suggest even uploading popular pics to DA too, but since nobody’s really uploading their own works, there’d be all sorts of copyright issues.


    They organize selling prints, etcetera through their web site.

    (Or you’ve already considered what they can do for you and are saying “Pass”)


    DA has a back-end built in so that any image you upload there, can be made available for purchase in many different formats, and you don’t actually have to lift a finger to set it up either.


    Y’know, you might as well put Google ads in your RSS feed… You’ve got them on your website. I bet there are enough readers that that might help. And nobody’s gonna might flipping past ads if it keeps the site running.


    I don’t look at ads 🙂

    Point is, there’s room for them on your RSS feed.


    I gots no money…just bought a new shotgun last night. Sorry brah.


    Stupid California and their mandatory 10 day waiting period, so I won’t get my new shotgun until next week but I got myself a Mossberg 500 Tactical Persuader at the local Turner’s Outdoorsman.

    Here’s a link to the exact model I got:

    Wish I had more money though, would’ve bought a handgun (Sig P229 felt pretty good last time I was out at the range) but this will have to do for home defense until I make more money.


    I just got a DiamondBack 380. Small enough to fit in my pocket. My 9mm s&w m&p was a little too big to be my errday gun.

    *Made in Florida*


    I got a nerf gun


    …and you have my bow

    Kik Dogg

    I would buy a t shirt. Or a nice refrigerator magnet.


    I’ll say, liking the smaller mcs+ page design.

    No, you can’t have more money. I’m nearly broke as it is (broke to me is actually have $0 after monthly expenses).



    Jeremiah Bullfrog

    Obviously that NK guy is rebelyell…same sort of crap, same similar posts one after another. Same bullshit. And even the names hint at the same guy.

    Honestly I got to ask, why should anyone want to support a site full of that jackwad’s shit?

    Why pay for the same shit you’d see on some 14 year old kid’s Tumblr. Or MySpace for that matter.

    Stop that shit and get the site back the way it was with cool shit, more variety and I’d gladly support it.


    Exactly. There’s so many similar posts one after another page after page that it kills the variety element that once made this site good. At least spread them out and mix it up a bit. Page after page of planes, superheroes, guns etc tire out, especially when the site is slow loading.


    Is it not possible to speed up/reset the queue to push the res of the month’s block of DNK/NK/rebelyell6002’s post through quicker?


    I will try to participate but I vouch for accepting ONLY KN’s submissions.


    Also, moar funnies and less stupid airplanes, cars & skinny bitches.





    No you.

    When Tiki realises you are costing him his bottom line, bye bye idiot.


    Dear Tiki, I have enjoyed many a great day on this here website and your other websites as well. But lately … I just feel you’ve lost your focus. The submissions here are all shit and boring, or just the same sort of thing over and over. Sometimes I like it (when it’s Korean women, mainly) but I’ve just come to the point where I no longer wish to visit your website daily. Lately, I’ve not even been sure to visit more than once in a week or even in a fortnight. You’ve got all these websites, but are any… Read more »


    Seriously, needing money and seeing a new website come alive every couple of months doesn’t make sense. I doubt they’re generating noticeable revenue. Why not use the content of other sites and implement it here, that way you’ll be more focused on what draws the masses (and hence the money)?