Chinese Economics 101

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In this country, we would block off the street, take 12 hours to talk him out of it, spend $5 million giving him a fair trial, and pay his food and lodging for life. No wonder their products are cheaper than ours!

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    Funny, and point taken. However, that is certainly not how ‘their’ products became cheaper than ours.


    products, human life… it’s all cheaper in the paradise known as China, amiright?


    Japan does it even better. They don’t believe in such things as “hostages”, they just go in guns a blazing. In the long run, this actually save lives, because there is no reason to take hostages.


    Economics – it does not work the way this guy thinks it does.


    If you guys think US slums are bad, you should check out China’s slums.


    The only real difference is that in the US the negotiator would keep him distracted while a SWAT sniper takes him out from across the street.

    Suicides get kid gloves, hostage takers get a trip to the morgue. Happens all the time.

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