The Box Jellyfish will KICK YOUR ASS

Box Jellyfish SIgn.jpg (37 KB)

box Jelly.jpg (766 KB)

box-jellyfish-fatal-sting.jpg (321 KB)

1. Warning Sign
2. Box Jelly
3. Legs of person killed by Box Jelly

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    “…seek urgent medical advice”…? Seems like that could’ve been worded better.

    But what I really wanna know is: does pissing on it actually work, too?


    If I ever get stung by one I’ll be sure to find out, because the first thing I’d do is piss myself.


    i asked the same question when i travelled to australia this summer. according to the locals, it really doesn’t do much because the ammonia content isn’t high enough in human urine to have much effect.

    seemed plausible enough to me. but it’s bound be better than nothing.

    adrian wallace

    its australia every thing f#cking kills you i know i am one!


    Don’t worry. I get em back at the sushi bar.


    Jellyfish sushi? Now I love me some eel, and roe, and a bunch of other stuff I would probably be disgusted by if I thought about what it was, but jellyfish would just be gross. Besides, what good is ‘getting back at’ a creature without a complex enough brain to understand that it is in a competition?