Nice work, Speedy McDipshit

Water2007_0211_020647.JPG (1 MB)

Water2007_0211_020238Going to Jail.jpg (1 MB)

Water2007_0211_020439.JPG (2 MB)

Water2007_0211_015753.JPG (1 MB)

Water2007_0211_015936.JPG (1 MB)

This guy decided it was a good idea to go a million MPH in a little condo complex and ended up crashing into the water main. Nice.

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    Kik Dogg

    Speed limit’s 50. Your “little condo complex” is not as cozy as you like to think. Plus, rentals.

    Kik Dogg

    3rd pic. “Speed Limit 50.” “For Rent.”

    Glib Satirical Remark

    What’s the name of the town on those cars? It sure looks like the local PD here in Oceanside


    It’s a good thing he wore his skull t-shirt; his cellmates will think he’s a BADASS.

    Luke Magnifico

    Maybe he just really hates water mains.


    That fourth picture doesn’t look like a water main…


    Hahaha… rad. I know exactly where that is. Recently moved to Colorado though.

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