Captain America: History Of The Shield

captain-america-infographic-large.jpg (1 MB)

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    False. The shield is made from a vibranium/adamantium alloy, not iron. And, I have a problem with that power rating grid. How can Cap only have 4 stars for fighting ability? He never loses! It’s gotta be a 7 at least.


    Yeah, I remember the whole vibranium/adamantium thing –they were supposed to be incompatable as alloys, but some bonding “x-factor” got into the mix of one particular batch before casting, making it unique…or so I remember (did they retcon it?)

    I think the angle they took in the movie was the way to go: just make it vibranium, & make the stuff so rare that there’s only enough for one shield. Why would you need to add indestructibility to a metal that absorbs the energy of everything thrown at it, anyway?

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