Daddy’s little girl

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    I bet he would be pissed to find out someone other than him put his dick in there.

    Punk In Drublic

    oh well that’s awkwar… shes my cousin. D:

    Punk In Drublic

    oh well that’s awkward… shes my cousin. D:


    I’d be more upset over her improper use of an apostrophe.

    Ieuan Care

    I bet he’d be pissed about that inappropriate use of an apostrophe…


    Dick’s Last Resort is awesome 🙂

    If you eat there, the waiters are rude to you on purpose and put those hats on everyone’s head.

    Like “I haven’t seen my dick in years” or “Blowjob queen” or “You may remember seeing me on to catch a predator” or “Voted best Mattress Back by everyone.”


    In Boston? Went there on Fleet Week 2007. My hat said “I love Seamen.”


    There’s one at the Excalibur hotel in Vegas. One of the guys at our table got a hat that said “I love to blow Bubbles”. We all had a chuckle but didn’t really get it. Then we noticed the guy at the table beside is had a hat that said “Hi, I’m Bubbles”. Good times.