CS 1.6

Counter_-_Strike_-_Condition_Zero.jpg (97 KB)

Anyone still play this, Or am I the only one?

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    Nope, only you son


    Aren’t you a hipster


    yeah i still play this, have you heard about the rumors that there is an upcoming counter strike game?


    Rumors? store.steampowered.com/app/1800/?snr=1_4_4__13 That’s a pretty convincing rumor if I’ve ever seen one.


    I would if I had a PC… Maybe. Ever heard of Call of Duty or Battlefield?

    Or are you just lost in the early 90’s?


    Did you ever think that CS is a totally different game than CoD or Battlefield in every way?Hell, people play Quake Live, which is just Quake III Arena….


    Early 90s is Doom.
    1999 is Counter-Strike.
    Sticky aim and low skill ceilings is Call of Duty.


    I used to play 1.6 like, 6 yrs ago, I tried to play 2 yrs ago and while my skills weren’t totally gone it was still almost like starting over again. It’s like during those 4 yrs I got worse and everybody got better. I never got into CoD or Battlefield, maybe because I only ever tried them on consoles and prefer keyboard/mouse when playing an fps. Currently TF2 is my go-to fps, but it’s a pretty different skill set compared to CS, much like CS compared to CoD or Battlefield.


    People play, tournaments are held. CS is eternal 😀