Civilized means of public discourse

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…have broken down.

Welcome to MCS.

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    Fuck yo discourse.

    So if you don’t listen to someone’s bitching its okay for them to throw a hissy fit?

    That’s some pretty high grade stupid.


    Uh, no. That’s not what it says at all. It means if you bitch and throw a hissy fit over a rational question, sumptin’ may be wrong. But I wouldn’t expect you to understand since that’s what you do all the time.

    Are you trying to intentionally build a strawman argument or have you just completely failed at reading comprehension?


    sambo: You know, I am not entirely convinced that you and Magnanimous are indeed different people. I suspect he might indeed BE your straw man to battle with. ; )

    Then again, the more likely answer is that Heisman’s nihilism is fundamentally correct and But really is just little more than a whiny ass. You might read the rest of Heisman’s work. It is a bit thick, and frankly rather self indulgent at points but he did blow his brains out as part of his conviction to his work so there might be at least SOMETHING there.


    Hah. Better watch out. I think Magnus might find that thought mildly offensive 🙂 As for Heisman, I haven’t read his suicide note, so I won’t draw any conclusions about what he wrote, but I can agree with that he made some good points here and there. I skimmed a PDF of his writing and I like what he said about libertarianism. “Few social-political philosophies in history can rival libertarianism in the sheer lameness of its vision of the good. It is defined in terms of negatives: just defang religion, defang society, defang government, just leave me alone! Yet this… Read more »