Bible Contradictions

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    tiki god

    shit that’s a lot of red.


    The whole series needs a relaunch.


    Gritty reboot of the Old Testament?


    lol…I think the OT defined “gritty”.


    i think people are stupid when the deify books


    Especially if they don’t actually read them first –


    I’m so glad I’m Mormon.


    Yeah, but you guys have to be glad or your god will be angry with you.

    Gotta love those fake plastered-on Mormon smiles.


    But if you up your tithing to like 25%, he’s happy.


    I think there is a graphic representation that looks pretty cool.


    Did any of you bother to read at least some of those “contradictions”? Or was it just “LOL I KNEW IT!!1!”? Here’s a couple random ones: #75: What became of Cain? “Contradiction”: First scripture is God cursing him to wander as a fugitive, second one takes place after a timeskip (enough time for him to marry, have a kid and build a freaking city) = FAIL #105: How did David kill Goliath? “Contradiction”: First states Goliath fell face to the earth; Second David finishes the job to remove all doubt = FAIL #193: Should we follow our own hearts? “Contradiction”:… Read more »


    To be honest I didn’t read any of them, atheists and sane people don’t need to have contradictions pointed out to them that the bible was written by ignorant desert dwellers without any help from above.

    Christians have blind spots all over their face and all contradictions are just explained away in the most desperate fashion.

    It’s not like you have to go beyond the first two books to get a rather big contradiction, but that’s just metaphor, right?


    I’m well aware that atheists feel the need to operate on silly assumptions without clear proof. That’s why they believe that we’re mud/fish/lizard/???/apes.


    Yeah, dirt->rib->human makes much more sense. (Go back to school.)

    It’s amusing that you say things like “evolution’s just a theory!” yet “magic powers can raise the dead and create lions that ate grass until they left the ark”. Not to mention that you must obviously believe in witches, evil spirits, unicorns as the bible wouldn’t just include any silly superstition, right?

    Sometimes I wonder why the bible doesn’t come with a Dungeons & Dragons Rulebook.


    “Sometimes I wonder why the bible doesn’t come with a Dungeons & Dragons Rulebook.”

    I love it. I had to memorize the bible in catholic private middle school, and I am atheist because I can read, comprehend and use common sense.


    Atheist != evolutionists or big bang theorists

    To say another way, there are no scientific prerequisites or proof needed to be an atheist. To simply not believe is enough. Much like how Christians don’t spend their time trying to disprove Islam, Buddhism, or Norse mythology.

    The only people who make silly assumptions are ones who preoccupy themselves with the notion of supernatural divinity.


    Who would of thought a book with multiple authors, retranslated over and over and over again, and with huge parts resected over centuries while others parts were introduced, would have inconsistencies? What a bullshit religion followed by a bunch of ignorant fucks. ISLAM IS THE TRUE LIGHT!


    Damn right, although I don’t agree with them valuing cats over dogs, I’m a dog person.
    Well technically, all they’re meant to do is prefer cats, but still.




    All dogs are infidels.

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