drugy alice

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    Hello new desktop. And a new item for my collection. I’m probably gonna print this out too, the colours are magical.

    Yeah I’ve noticed, everyone is angry at you for posting. Some don’t even get that dernaziking=nobodyknows=Texan raccoon. Just don’t put any more effort in it, they’ll miss you as soon as we get another Avril theme day or 45 angles of a new pair of shoes acquired at Ross for only $59.


    If someone is paying $60 for a pair of shoes at Ross than they are paying too much.

    But I sort of like looking at Avril.

    Maybe I can get Tiki or NK into k-pop and that will be his next massive image dump. I’m sort of on a k-pop trip right now.



    Tiggle Bitties

    No, NK! Don’t do it! I love the turtle pics and the plane porn and the random video game stuff. It’s a far cry from Casemeth.