future fantasy

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    Jimbo Sumbitch

    Tiki…Seriously dude…You need to cut this off….

    This isn’t even your site anymore…It’s become the website of some neo-Nazi fuck and the things he likes…Seriously…The dude can just get a Tumblr or his own domain or some shit.

    Who would donate to the site when all it is, is a flood of this retard’s crap?

    tiki god

    he’s got like 2 or 3 more in the mcs+ queue, it’s cool man, I’ll be back to being the only one that posts shit soon enough.


    Casemods, Nazi guy, nobody knows, tiki… by this point I really dont care.


    Who Futurama characters as Aeris?


    I think that’s Fry’s girlfriend from his time who also got frozen and ended up leaving him for Pauly Shore’s head. I believe Sarah Silverman voiced her and I can’t remember her character’s name. Is Zap supposed to be Sephiroth?


    For the love of god stop with the constant Futurama/Army/Fantasycrapola spam.

    teezy weezy

    fuck off futurama, you were shit, you got binned, staythefuckdead.