bloody krogen

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    This picture(and trailer) are bullshit. I had to do fucking EVERYTHING and everyone is like ‘omg he’s awesome’. Screw Grunt his loyalty mission was me passing a test for him.


    On the upside hes impossible to kill on a mission, I just let him charge on Heastrom on Insane and popped shots at the tank and he did the work. By popped shots I mean hammered with the widowmaker and heavy incinerate shots


    Well, that’s a fair enough point. But I would like to say that Grunt isn’t ‘impossible to kill’, my lvl 60 commando in predator H X in ME 1 is impossible to kill. I can stand in the middle of anything on insane and just chill without even worrying about it. I suggest everybody make a 60 commando with either colossus or predator armor just too see how OP they are. But for the love of god go shotgun and not assault rifle. on insane, assault rifles are like throwing packing peanuts at the geth.


    Subject Zero is obviously better, and hawt aswel