denim shorts

o128574.jpg (3 MB)

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    Damn those are nice…HOLY FUCK IS THAT A DRIVE IN? Where is this? I wanna go!


    Now, I’m not saying you failed the gay test or anything, but *I* sure as hell didn’t notice that it was a drive-in.

    Luke Magnifico

    I’m pretty sure there actually isn’t a drive-in in this picture. I’m not trying to make a joke, like “How could I notice there’s a drive in when I’ve got this hot pair of shorts to look at”, I just honestly think you are trying to lead us on a merry dance with your drive-in talk.


    Yep, it’s a drive-in.

    My spidey sense wants to say “Texas.” but I could be wrong. There’s really not enough information other than it is probably a warm locale.


    Those shorts are offensive to me and I demand she take them off immediately.


    When this is done right (like this) it’s so right.
    But let me tell ya: when it’s done wrong, it’s SO WRONG.