mantis shrimp.

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    Those guys are pure badass. They will fuck you up.


    the Mas Oyama of the crustacean world!


    Neither a mantis nor a shrimp. Discuss…


    Neither bad nor ass, but badass…discuss…..


    Little known fact: the Mantis Shrimp is also the most delicious crustacean EVAR. Like a cross between lobster and crab and baby unicorn… OMFG good. Violent little buggers too… I got lucky that I was handling it carefully, because I didn’t know about its amazing punching powers at the time.

    Another fun fact: they can see and selectively reflect radial polarized light… only known critter to use it… until we adopted that for 3D movies recently, using clockwise & counterclockwise instead of horizontal & vertical for the different eye / lens filters.