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    About 17 years ago I was starting to listen to rock, but before I had known of music styles, genres or basically why a CD was more expensive than a cassette, I was easily impressed by album covers and/or band names and its logos.

    Having grown up in a place where anything that had a distorted guitar was basically satanic, I was under the initial impression that bands like AC/DC, KISS, Guns n’ Roses and Poison were incredibly fast, heavy, had strong lyrical content and the works.

    To my surprise, all these bands played pussy-rock, none were heavy, sang about “rocking” (instead of actually rocking) and left me disappointed in a way, because a lot of people love bands like these. I have respect for these bands, they’re talented and in case, they know how to keep fans begging for more), but they’re as boring as the shit I just typed. The game.


    woow, you’re such a hipster!


    Dreth. Dude. Kiss is made up of some of the most horrible musicians on the planet. But boring? Call them anything but boring. I’ve been to shows with people that hated Kiss, and when it was over, they couldn’t stop talking about it. It really is an amazing thing to experience. Fire. Blood. Explosions. The best is Paul Stanley. He’s funny as fuck. He’s probably in his sixties, but he still talks that corney 70’s rock stage talk between songs. Things don’t always have to be good, to be fun.


    Trust me, I’ve enjoyed reading White Ninja comics more than a KISS concert. It’s a sad place to be. Hottest show on Earth = 4 old dudes screaming about WANTING to rock and one is flicking his tongue, the other lets the tongue guy lick ’em, fireworks, boom, show over.


    Fuck dreth just iost the game.

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