Lincoln Memorial

Abraham_Lincoln_Memorial.jpg (1 MB)

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    The Matrix: Rebooted

    The greatest American Emperor.


    Nah, that would be Truman
    or maybe Eisenhower

    any President immediately after WW2
    I would say that’s when we solidified our “empire” status

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    Truman, Eisenhower and Roosevelt don’t quite measure up to Lincoln. They get points for conquering sovereign nations and convincing history that it was morally justified. But Lincoln was the most successful at permanently integrating conquered territory into the Empire. Not just the Confederation either, he was also one of the drivers of increased occupation in the Western territories that were still on shaky grounds in terms of US jurisdiction.


    While Lincoln was a great leader, I just don’t see him as an empire builder. The great push for the settlement of the west was spurred on as early as the Monroe presidency. Lincoln roped in the territories to gain support for the abolitionist movement and to deny the south any additional support for their secession. So yes I agree Lincoln was a great President, but not so much a driving force for American Imperialism. Now if you want for someone in that general time period you need not look any further than Rutherford B. Hayes. This was the cat… Read more »


    what, no angry biker giving him the finger?


    way too regal… terrible memorial for an American president. just put a crown on him and call it a day.


    I like it better with Megatron sitting on it. No offense Lincoln.