Flying Car

planecar.jpg (306 KB)

literally. It can get 9 feet off the ground after breaking 60mph.

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    those crazy russians

    teezy weezy

    If it can fly where is the photo of it doing so?

    You are literally full of shit.


    Sadly the car is incapable of breaking 55mph, but it like totally honestly could fly if it did! Really!


    But can it travel back in time.


    So? I got my Dad’s car 3 feet off the ground, and I was only going about 50MPH.


    When this baby hits 60 we’re guna see some serious shit


    If the engine can’t hit 60mph, drive it off a cliff. 🙂


    why can’t you guys just use kilometers instead of miles? like… the rest of the world does?


    Because not everyone needs to be the same. Live with it.


    Its not a “personal” issue: numbers have no soul, but have generally a meaning given by the associated unit: it’s a matter of getting used, nothing more.
    BTW, metric I.S. is waaaaay more simple than that imperial bullshit.


    Because AMERICA FUCK YEAH that’s why.


    Honestly I wish the US would convert. Metric is so much more logical. But I imagine the reason the US didn’t convert early on was being stubborn and not wanting to conform to something the French and later England supported. 😛 Now it’s probably a matter of expense involved in updating millions of signs and documents. Also this country is run by a bunch of old geezers who don’t want change their ways.


    Our system is rich in history, using the common values of the time.

    Metric is an arbitrary system invented by the French, to be easy to use, and logical.

    I personally prefer to remain tied to my culture. If the rest of the world does not, well that is their choice, but I for one think it is a shame.


    Much of America’s culture can be traced to Europe, so I fail to see how it is a bad thing to embrace something developed in Europe with the intention of standardizing what the world uses for easier international communication, trade, etc. Thomas Jefferson was all for it.


    But will it fly?