The future of the world

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    All of these pictures are from the present.


    exactly. since Northamerica and Europe pretty much constitutes what is generally known as “the West” their social, economical and cultural developement is very interconnected. if you want to picture the future of the west, try “food/gas/stuff riots”. as for the “muslim threat”…let me just say: it’s quite bearable here in Europe. plus, it’s not just the religion (any) per se that worries me. it’s the rise in fundamentalist views in every aspect of life. and that goes for christian beliefs as well. and China, well…let’s just say that apart from their leading role in very much everthing, they got a… Read more »


    The only problem with Russia’s resources is that they’re managed by Russians.


    Oh no, all the crappy Muslim countries in Europe are going to be full of Muslims. Muslims are actually only responsible for .4% of terrorist attacks in Europe. The huge majority of attacks are from separatists. In the US their rates between 1980 and 2005 is 5% of terrorist attacks. And even though China has a booming middle class, you still have a 1 in 3 chance of being a rice farmer. The next step up is building hardware for apple and sony where they have to put nets up to keep people from jumping off the factory town roofs.… Read more »


    We just need to hit restart on Washington DC and Wall Street. Too corrupt, greedy and busy keeping everyone fighting with each other to do any good. Everything that should matter doesn’t and everything that matters is killing the country, world economy. If we spent more time worrying about those in the worst state of being then the problems of the rich. Life would be different. No jobs but at least the top 1% is making a few more billions. At least we have reality TV shows about snobby rich bitches and slutty materialistic drunken tards to watch. So why… Read more »


    Stop voting for INCUMBENTS… our politicians need to know that they are only granted power as long as they have voters best interests at heart (which politicians very obviously do not).

    Democrats are just as guilty as Republicans for selling out our country. A couple examples — Who signed NAFTA? Who gave China permanent normal trade relations status in 2000? Bubba Clinton himself.


    I think “stop voting incumbents” was the mantra of the last election cycle. And look what that did us. Teabaggers in congress wanting to shut down the government instead of paying it’s bills. Rick Scott, a criminal who stole billions from medicare, is now governor of Florida. GOP state houses trying to take the collective bargaining rights from state employees.


    Not just “stop voting for incumbants”… Stop voting for Republicans AND Democrats. Those 2 parties have been the only ones in power for far too long. They’ve gotten complacent and lazy. Instead of worrying about running the country, they’re pouring all their efforts into battling each other. When a leading member of the Republican party flat-out says that the party’s primary objective is to make sure the current president doesn’t get reelected and they’ll do so by blocking everything he tries to accomplish, something is totally fucked up. They’ve lost sight of what their job is supposed to be. Frankly,… Read more »


    And, honestly, I don’t give a flying rat’s ass whether we trade with China or not… I think at this point, we need to worry less about what’s going on in other countries and mind our own fucking back yard.


    …. Trading with China is pretty important…. from what I can gather


    This has hardly anything to do with terrorist attacks regarding Muslims. The biggest problem is that the Muslims are killing(figuratively) other cultures. Due to the fact of the massive migrations throughout all of Europe over the past 2 centuries. I can tell you that within 2 or 3 more centuries European culture will cease to exist.


    Yeah, fuck those missionaries –oh…wait…which religion were you talking about?


    You mean kind of like what the Christians did before them? Seems to be a theme with the hebrew faith and its descendants…


    I was addressing dmytriw-wds that terrorist attacks has hardly anything to do with it. That image above is a bit excessive and It’s more of a cultural thing than a religious one. You both clearly made it into a religious perspective.


    Last I checked, Islam was a religion and Muslims, its adherents. When you said “The biggest problem is that the Muslims are killing(figuratively) other cultures”, you took the religious perspective yourself.
    I know what you meant, but…


    I agree with your first two points, but I have to differ with you on the 3rd. We had a Democratic majority in Congress and currently have a Democratic President. I’m not seeing any improvement here in anything. I don’t think either party has the nations best interests at heart anymore. They certainly are caught up in trying to get the best of each other. I’d love to see term limits for all congressional seats, and an end to campaign donations from any special interest groups (yes, 503c groups are special interest groups). No corporate donations ever. If all candidates… Read more »

    Think Tank

    China is going to turn into Blade Runner?


    I think you mean Brade Lunnel.


    People think that China is like that picture. Nope. Take a look at the majority of the citizens.

    And yeah Fuck Muslims.


    All of them, indiscriminately? I try not to let their extremists make me harbor any more fear or ill will towards their respective group as I do the other Abrahamic religions… or any group of people with like-minded philosophies, really… Every tree has its nuts.


    Fuck morons who generalize any large group based on the minority of extremist nuts within that group.


    Fuck people in general… Seriously. People can fuck up anything and everything. Getting pissed off at one group of religious people is a waste of energy. Either get pissed at them all or none. Better yet, see that they are all the same and that people mess with them for their own selfish reasons that end up with death, corrupt, greed and hypocrisy.



    On a serious note…. China’s economy will have fun if our government debt rating is dropped and all of that debt they own will become worthless.


    AHAHAHHAHAHAH NOPE Speaking as a guy who has lived in four provinces of China and taken a billion business trips to every corner of this country, I can tell you that this one part of Shanghai is nothing but some glossy sheen the Chinese spend way too much money on in order to fool investors. Beijing is even worse: if you go to the business or touristy areas you see a lifestyle that would be well beyond almost any Chinese, but you go to a regular Beijing neighbourhood and you’ll see donkeys pulling carts. There is no sense of quality… Read more »


    all they can this about = all they can think about
    developing = industrializing


    Ian you …. people like you are of the biggest problems of mankind, you give an outrageous statement (…. ….muslims) with absolutely no knowledge of what you’re talking about , except of course the inaccurate polluted information fed to you by incompetent media with malicious agendas and influenced opinions , the only people that should be allowed to be responsible for anything are the ones knowledgeable enough about what they’re responsible for (if only that happens) … do you even know what islam is ,it’s principles , ideals or even know a muslim ??? if you don’t know what something… Read more »

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