Man of Steel

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    He’s a bank robber now?


    last I heard, kent was fired from the planet over cutbacks, and I’m sure the wife isn’t doing too well in this recession either 🙂

    Maxwell Edison

    Why is he wearing a waffle suit?


    Fuck the suit. Why does he look like Elvis? Seriously though, I don’t care what he looks like in the next movie, but why oh WHY do they have to tell his origin again? Every goddam person on Earth knows it! Krypton explodes. Sent here in rocket. Kent’s find and raise him. blah blah blah. Instead of wasting 35 minutes of rehashed origin bullshit, lets see some fucking fighting! Property damage! I wanna see buildings being thrown and heat vision and frost breath and no. more. goddam. kryptonite!


    Let this guy make the movie.


    You have to have kryptonite, its his only weakness.