Anne Hathaway as Catwoman

DKRkylebig.jpeg (1 MB)

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    tiki god

    this is …uh…wtf is this. she doesn’t look like a catwoman at all!


    cats don’t wear clothes, you want her to be naked?




    Catwoman is the exact middle point between a furry fetish and a leather fetish. Any departure from that is a GOOD thing.

    Personally, I’m much more concerned with Chris Nolan’s nearly pathological inability to write female characters that aren’t either shallow, simple-minded harpies and/or flat, personality-free she’s-there-only-because-we-needed-something-female-there non-characters.

    To put it bluntly, Nolan is the male versions of Stephenie “Sparkly Vampire Lover” Meyer. Neither of them can write a character of their opposite sex that¡s within 3 light years of interesting, let alone believable, realistic, or even non-retarded.


    Isn’t Stephen Goyer involved in writing this one? He certainly was in Begins and Dark Knight.
    I also think Batman works best without a love interest. He’s really not a “happily ever after” character.
    So maybe this isn’t just Nolan’s doing? As for the love interests of the Batman mythos, most, except for Catwoman, have kind of been written out of the stories. When was the last time someone remembers seeing Viki Vale or Silver St. Cloud in the comics? Heck, no one even refers to the fact that Bruce and Wonder Woman had a thing for a bit.


    Which Catwoman? The original catwoman wore a green miniskirted suit with a purple mask! How dare this one not look like a woman in a leather-fetish bodystocking!


    She looks like the rest of the Nolan Batman movies, realistic. This is going to be gooooood. Although The Dark Knight will be tough to top. But Nolan is the man for the job.


    Looks like she stole Batman’s Batbike.


    Needs moar kitteh.


    This image is referred to as Selina Kyle, so this isn’t Catwoman. She doesn’t have her full suit or mask on. I’m sure by the end of it all though she will be pussified…


    Too many spoilers.


    Not feeling that, maybe thats before shes cat woman.