1969 dream festival line-up

1969.jpg (214 KB)

I don’t think a contemporary festival could produce such a quality line-up.

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    I’ve seen 16 of them.


    OK… mcs checked, time to go back to work on time machine.

    Jimbo Sumbitch

    This is fake you know?

    From a contest



    o rly? couldnt have figured it out by myself


    Of course it is, half those bands hadn’t “made it” by 1969. Why would they all serendipitously have been on a line-up together without any other up and coming bands that never made it. Besides, ‘Jean’ Baez?

    I’m just glad that I recognized and owned music from all but 2


    such line-up is just too good to be true


    Where are The Beatles? If you’re doing a late ’60s dream team rock festival, you’d have a huge hole there without John, Paul, George and Ringo.

    Maxwell Edison

    The Beatles stopped touring in ’66. As to where they are for this mythical concert, they were recording “Octopus’s Garden” the latter two days and doing some overdubs for “Oh! Darling”. On the 25th, engineers were mixing “On Our Way Home” (the working title for “Two of Us”) in Room 4, but there’s no evidence a Beatle was present.

    Maxwell Edison

    Not sure about some of those, but Blue Oyster Cult was still calling itself Soft White Underbelly, then Oaxaca in 1969, and had yet to release an album. They wouldn’t be BOC til ’71.


    Technicalities aside, I would gladly tear a hole in time and space to be there.

    Narles Narlington

    dude, a bieber concert is just as good.


    I just threw up a little into my mouth….


    Summerfest in Milwaukee