Christan Intolerance is Intolerant

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    Yeah thats pretty much 100% accurate


    The detail isn’t that fundamentalist christians behave this way (which they do), but just about everyone does in one way or another. What reaction do you think I get when I point out to “pro-choice” people that the only meaningful difference between a 3-week-old fetus and a newborn baby is how noisy they are? And sorry, babies don’t have “feelings” or “thoughts” or “emotions”. They’re like phones: they make a lot of noise when anything happens, but they’re not “conscious” about it anymore that my computer is. What reaction do you think I get when I point out to “progressives”… Read more »


    Did you just try to defend pedophiles and dead people fuckers?

    Luke Magnifico

    You know…. I think he did?


    I can see where your coming from, but pedophilia is the actual practice of molesting children, the ‘urges’ are a completely different matter.

    Also just thought that I’d point out that your comment did seem to have a lot of sympathy for pedophiles, which is weird


    I didn’t read that.


    No, it’s just the urge. .

    And too fucking right, sympathy for paedophiles. There are people out there who know that they are paedophiles, and know that there are things which turn them on which they can never, ever do – and unlike the ones you hear about on the news, they have the moral strength to resist this urge so they can live a normal life, knowing the way other people would treat them if they knew their secret. I wouldn’t want to live like that.


    You Christian pedophiles are sick. We Muslims don’t believe in having sex with 9 year girls, unless she is your wife, of course.


    Throw them to the lions.


    As long there are places where I can kill unwanted babies, I’m fine.


    You can kill them anywhere, it’s getting caught that is the problem


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    It’s happened a few times now: Christians have gone to court because they think being hateful is part of their religion, claiming that their religious rights should trump the basic human rights of others.


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    Damn. I was drunk.


    We’ve all been there


    Is the nutjob quota especially high in the US? Just askin’, because I study in a Semiar full of Christians and none of them is like the caricatures you guys got over there. I wonder…


    Yes, it is – in the Midwest and South we have the “evangelicals”, mostly small town people who have never met a real Jew, Muslim or Gay person. They follow their preachers, even when the preacher directly conflicts with the teachings of Jesus – and they believe their religion is absolute and must someday overtake the world as ordained by God. It is a sin to them not to attempt to convert you. Most are hard-line conservatives, despite the fact that Jesus was clearly described in the Bible as a serious liberal, pacifist and practicing communist. I love Bill O’Reilly’s… Read more »


    Well, there certainly is a difference between mainstream christianity today and at the times of the crusades / witch hunts / papal wars. The problem about all these things: Except for maybe the witch hunts, none of them were purely religious matters (especially not the Spanish Inquisition or the Holocaust), just like modern islamist terrorism. And as soon as politics meddle with religion and religion becomes a vehicle for POLITICAL extremists, this will corrupt the religion. Which brings us to Bill O’Reilly, I guess. You can call me Susan if that guy doesn’t have a strong political agenda mixed into… Read more »


    I get the feeling that if their Jesus ever did come back, the US Christian Conservatives and Fundamentalists would immediately nail the poor bugger back up again for being “Too goddam Liberal!”


    Hell, if Jesus did come back, they’d lock him up in the looney bin. What the hell else do you do to someone who claims to be Jesus?


    Religion is like a penis: It’s fine to have one, but a person doesn’t have to have one to have valid ideas.
    It’s fine to be proud of it, but please don’t whip it out in public and start waving it around. And PLEASE don’t try to shove it down my children’s throats.


    So it all comes back to being a pedophile in the end