Carrier group

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    So I take it they’re that far apart so one torpedo won’t get them all at once? Is there a standard distance?


    It’s pretty.


    thats not the standard formation… thats only for show


    Carrier is always at the middle, and the standard formation is spread out over several miles, idea is that any threat gets seen and destroyed before it can attack the carrier.


    unless you are an Australian Sub and you manage to get close enough to the USS Enterprise to take a photo of the center prop with an external camera, get away undetected, all in a shallow harbour like Sydney and then mail it to the Pentagon with a note attached saying “Bang, your dead”.


    Cite, please.


    Cite, please. Australia has subs??


    I’m not OP but this is interesting, read to the end of discussion and sub tactics.


    The US replacing it’s subs is false but the ship that did get the picture was HMAS Oberon it was back in the mid to late 90’s while the US Pacific fleet was in Australia for exercises. The information comes from a friend of mine who took over as XO of HMAS Oberon not long after the incident occoured.


    C 7! Is that a hit or miss?


    Battleship 2012?


    That formation is just for the photo and it looks like a joint carrier/amphib battlegroup. The 2 directly behind the CV look like LSDs and the big one in the 2nd row looks like a Tarawa class LHA. And the only time the carrier I was on(CV-64 Constellation) ever got that close to another ship underway was for unrep or Those Damn Photo Ops.


    How cute. They are in the shape of a heart. What a global force for good!