Tribes of The Indian Nation Map

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    >implying that was the extent of the native population’s nations

    Alec Dalek

    It was terrible, the wars, the genocide, the violence, entire tribes wiped out! Then the Europeans showed up.


    Dumb ass, that is clearly not India.


    Nor was it America before the Europeans arrived. American Indian, and not Native American, is the best descriptor for the indigenous natives of this continent, mostly because they were not even indigenous, but migrated here themselves. Then again the best descriptor is their original tribal names so once you find that out I would use it.

    I have a friend – coworker actually – who is a Chippewa, and he prefers American Indian over Native American.


    What about Alaska and Hawaii?

    christhizzle on fb

    people get pissed when the land bridge theory is proved wrong or inaccurate. does the land bridge theory make people feel less guilty about the attempted genocide? it sure seems that way. just sayin.