sofza sobetskeeh soshsadestesheckeh recpobdek

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union of socialist soviet republics

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    The title of this post is the worst transliteration I’ve ever seen.

    Alec Dalek

    Feihje Eirwopdfiu Ghjeiofdo Detrisoisptoidootpiston!


    ‘sayooza’ (since the emphasis of the word is on the ‘-yoo’, the ‘o’ declines to ‘ah’)
    ‘savetskikh’ (since the emphasis is on the ‘e’)
    ‘satsialisticheskikh’ (since the emphasis is on the second ‘i’)

    You don’t necessarily have to decline the ‘o’, but then it would sound funny if you don’t.
    And it is far easier to read the cyrillic word than it is to read a transliterated word as the letters and syllables lose their meaning and pronunciation when the letters are transliterated.


    Actually, the word ‘union’ is incorrect. It’s soyuz. Without ‘a’ in the end. Phonetically: so-yu-z.


    Spelling error, or did the person mess up the genitive case and who possesses what? It is making my head hurt thinking about it, as it has been a few years since I took Russian.


    Also they have the latin “k” in there, and an old-style 3 instead of a z. Pro tip, whoever made that typeface – Russian lowercase is for the most part just the uppercase but smaller, because Russians were lazy when making their alphabet.


    you’re a moron


    cccp is my go to codec package


    Not a codec pack ;]

    As for transliteration, rebelyell2006 did good.