Lose the FIsh

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From jaypinkerton.com. I think someone posted his Spider-Man comics here before. He has a lot of comics where he changed the dialogue. His Batman origin is one of the funniest things I ever read.

This one was one of the first things I saw on that site, and it just amuses me to no end.

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    Pinkerton’s the shit. I had thought for awhile that they were the work of Jim Treacher ’cause I kept seeing his website adress shopped onto these lil’ masterpieces.

    David Wong

    Jay Pinkerton wrote Portal 2. He works at Valve.

    David Wong
    David Wong

    You can google it if you think I’m screwing with you.

    Jim Treacher

    I put my website address on my own comics, but not Pinkerton’s. If you saw a comic with my URL, it’s one of mine.

    And yes, he’s hilarious.


    Does anyone actually think GL:s mask looks good?


    actually, i think it’s the rosy cheeks and the MASSIVE single tooth


    Like a Baleen whale.


    I’m out.