American, Fuck Yeah

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    I don’t know about most of America but I really WISH the rest of the world would stop WANTING stuff from us.


    Personally, I don’t expect anything from the US. But having your leaders constantly declared the country as “leaders of the free world”, yet rarely following through, you can see why people complain.


    Alice lives in her own little world. Don’t expect anything rational out of her.


    i wish you would die. i want you to go to hell, too. there- does that make you happy?


    And every year thousands die just trying to get here to be part of it – warts and all. They suffocate in shipping containers, drown in makeshift boats, die of thirst in the desert.

    Maybe you can do us a favor and tell them not to come –


    Yeah, fuck those assholes. How dare they want a better life? I got mine so fuck em’.

    I love these racist wedge issues. We are a nation of immigrants that despises new immigrants.

    “Give me your tired, your poor/Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free”

    Luke Magnifico

    They die for a myth. They come for streets paved with gold and the few who survive turn tricks on street corners in the rain, $5 a pop.

    ur mom

    America kicks your fuckin ass loser.


    Says the country that lost a war to Canada.


    If you’re talking about 1812, America fought the British in British North America, not Canada.

    The Dominion of Canada wasn’t formed until 1867.

    Upper and Lower Canada were provinces at the time and had no authority to declare war. Both sides still claim victory in the War of 1812, but America got what they wanted – stopping the British Royal Navy from restricting American trade and impressing American sailors.


    America does kick ass. None of you peops realize how badass it is here until you live in another country for several years.

    Good to be back, bitches.

    Jetri Kidd

    True. Any american who doesn’t see how badass it is here should spend ome time in another country. They’ll understand when they get back. Not that I didn’t love Germany, but it’s not the same.


    It is my sincere wish, that we never stop being so envied, that the rest of the world has such a big problem with us. You hate us because of your own unrecognized desire, not because you have some advanced degree of righteousness.


    Personally I wish people could apply some critical thinking on this particular subject. I love this country. I mean I really fucking love America. I feel it in my penis sometimes. But I also know that we have done some things that aren’t cool. This usually puts me at odds with a lot of people. When I was in college, I was usually defending America to all the know-it-all hippy douche bags who liked pretending they lived in a fascist state because they thought it made them look cool. Remember, kids, this was in the 90’s when Clinton was in… Read more »


    Fuck you. Just fuck you. By and large, the world is a better place because of the selfless sacrifice of a few Americans. Call us selfish, I don’t give a shit. But stop acting like whatever shithole you come from has done more for the world at large than America has.


    England, we did found the original colonies of the US.

    You’re welcome.


    And everybody there who left England did so because it was so fucked- they all wanted to LEAVE! Fuck England and their cousin fucking royalty!


    The cover doesn’t actually mention Hubris once. So what is it, are we too proud for your sensibilities or too hedonistic/selfish?


    why are there only 48 stars on that fucking flag?

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