But wait?

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Does he even realize… what a dick.

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    ugh …. i don’t even know what to say.

    Luke Magnifico

    I am tired of this argument. It doesn’t matter who shot first.

    Luke Magnifico

    Your downvoting cannot diminish my apathy.


    Totally lost. Who are these people?

    tiki god

    Bruce Willis and Tina Fey.


    Is that the chick that got put in jail in N. Korea?


    I guess that there is George Lucas. Whose the lass?








    Are they watching a race on Tatooine?


    I wish George would just turn Star Wars over to someone like Christopher Nolan.

    Then we could have something more interesting than kid movies.


    “Luke, I am your father”




    Lord Of The Rings is Awesome!


    No Tom Bombadill 🙁


    You want to watch a 5 hour movie?


    I didn’t care much for the movies, actually.

    Which is why people who did might as well suffer!

    Add Tom Bombadill, then add all the songs from the books.


    I enjoyed the movies. Cannot wait for The Hobbit.





    I saw the first prequel that come out….on opening day. waited in line and shit… it sucked.


    George Lucas is a straight up douchebag that is ruining childhoods for the sake of his own personal greed and then he whines like a bitch saying that it’s all for the fans fault because they won’t accept his non star wars related crap. Dude, can’t even write. His actors even say so.

    I hope he goes bankrupt someday.


    As it turns out, the original Star Wars movies would have been the mess that the prequels are except the studio had more push with Lucas at that time. Since he wasn’t so big, they could keep a leash on him and tell him “No, that’s stupid”. We already saw the fraying of that leash by the time Jedi came out, though. The Prequel mess and the re-release edits of ET and the original trilogy are a result of Lucas having become so influential in the industry that the leash no longer exists. He can do whatever the fuck he… Read more »


    As time goes on, it becomes apparent that the Star wars movies were classics by accident.

    I watched Empire of Dreams a few years ago. It’s a pretty good documentary because it takes a warts and all approach to showing how star wars got made. Basically time and money constraints really limited what GL could do in the first movies. It was probably for the better.

    It also helps that the two best movies were written and directed by people other than George Lucas.


    Um… it definitely wasn’t the studio. It was simply that George actually listened to other people at the time. By the time the third one was being made, he started to believe his own myth. The original ending for Revenge of the Jedi (not Return) had Han Solo die, and the rebellion winning with a major battle that killed the emperor, but the empire still out there controlling the galaxy.


    Twat !!!!!!!!


    It’s just a movie……. Who cares. People need to stop getting butthurt over dumb shit.


    Wow, I only puked at the remakes because of all the gratuitous (bad) CGI effects. In particular, he _SHOWS_ Jabba the Hut talking to Han Solo. WTF. The whole magic of the Ep. IV was he was presenting just a fraction of this entire fantasy world and NOT showing everything. That made the movie better. And it makes a great lead-in for Ep. V when we actually see Jabba. But for ’97 remake, he said, Hey we got this shit on the cutting room floor, let’s throw it the fuck in the movie? More is better, right? Such that by… Read more »


    I SO hope the Blu-Rays cut that 1 goddamn second out of Episode 4.


    At least this guy beat Lucas trying to screw him.


    teezy weezy

    whatever he does to piss fanboys off they will still give him money, he thinks you are all obsessive tools living with your parents splitting your time between xbox and masterbating and makes Greedo shoot first you still give him money, he smiles.


    Is that Kenny Rogers?

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