Sorry, I’m Illegal….

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Why am I illegal again?

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    because cotton farmers paid off politicians a long, long time ago.


    Because Christians hate anything fun.


    Seriously, jumping that shark straight from Christianity to pot being illegal? I do find the cotton connection interesting though. Is there any history on that I can check out?


    Hemp pretty much kicks cotton’s ass as a crop grown for fiber. Cotton requires tons of pesticides, and has relatively short, weak fibers. Hemp, grows like a weed (sorry, couldn’t miss the pun), and the fiber harvested is of much better quality.

    I don’t think cotton farmers had quite as much to do with it getting banned as much as the puritanical movement in America did at the time, but there is an interesting old US Govt made film promoting hemp as an important crop for US farmers to grow:

    Hemp for Victory


    I just have to point out that that is a complete misuse of the term jumping the shark.


    Why is it illegal? It’s under age, obviously!


    And thus, actually fun.


    not any longer, in 20 states!

    tiki god

    Progress! Pot is legal, and so is warrentless phone tapping!

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