Lt. giant tatas

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this is what syfy canded

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    I take it you’re not a grammar nazi.


    I had a masters of horror episode on my hard drive for ages cause she showed her boobs in it


    Who the heck is this? There is a need to know.


    Yeah, we need names people!


    I still dont know why the fuck they canceled this show, in my opinion it was the best stargate series and it still had tons more unrealized potential. plus it had a few hot women. and also her name is Julia benson and her charecters name was Vanessa James. and this scene was right after she caught eli and riley spying on her with a kino why she was in her room.


    The potential was all there, alright, but they were doing hardly anything with it. Much as I liked the other Stargates and the premiss of SGU, I found myself enduring through bland characters quarrel with each other for reasons I couldn’t be bothered to remember just to get to the ubiquitous shot of Ms. Benson in a tank top and Robert Carlisle’s character arc. This did have the potential to be the best of the Stargates, but it lacked execution, which made it, IMO (and I don’t seem to be alone here) the worse of the Stargates. But, if they’d like to give it another go, I’d be delighted to watch it.


    It just boils down to personal taste. I still think SGU was the best and I respect your opinion to the contrary. and also I would like to state that the first season was nowhere near as good as the second. some of the first season was kind of bland but the later episodes had very good charecter development and I felt that in the end the main charecters of SGU like eli, rush, scott, young, greer,etc, were my favorites all of stargate. but again this is all opinion, I have seen people that share my veiw and people that share yours.


    Thanks for being able to keep a rational discussion. More often than not on the internet, people just want to shout out their opinion as fact. It’s nice to see someone capable of understanding different points of view.


    I agree, SGU could have been great, but it was as boring as hell. I found it a struggle to get enough enthusiasm to even watch the last few episodes as while there was some character development, the story had totally stalled. They also weren’t showing enough of Ms. Benson for my liking and when she did get any screen time, she was always wearing a combat vest 🙁


    to save you the trouble, here she is

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