Flying robot

o583739.jpg (1 MB)

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    Luke Magnifico

    Must be one o’ them Jap-o-neez models.


    I honestly have no idea what’s going on in this picture.


    If i would have to guess i’d say it’s Eva-01 with F-type equipment.


    Whatever it is, this is the wrong still-frame to show out of context. It clearly has legs, and wing-like structures coming off the hips, but the rest is a garbled mess. Where is the head/cockpit? Is that a rifle it is holding? On the subject of holding, does it even have hands? Can’t tell any of that from this picture. We need to see the next frame or some other shot of the robot to have any idea what it looks like.


    here is a decent standing shot of said “mech”

    The cockpit is deep its upper back, and this version has a different shoulder type. Any image search of Eva 01 will make the garbled mess much clearer 🙂


    Then why didn’t dernazifag just post a clearer one?
    Oh, wait…


    What is F-type equipment?


    i’m not familiar with this version of unit 01