The Dark Knight Rises – filming in England

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Friends of mine vising London took these photos outside the pub they were in. Filming for The Dark Knight Rises was taking place. Will Robin be making an appearance? Who else in the Batman universe rode a red motorcycle?

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    Quality post is Quality


    Bruce Wayne road a red motorcycle in TDK


    yep. i had to do a little research on what the type is though. it’s a 2005 MV Agusta : F4-1000 Tamburini. MSRP is $42,695. The bike here is not a Tamburini, I don’t think.


    Kawasaki ZX-14


    Fuck Robin, everyone knows that Batman’s all about the villains


    I think Nolan would be the only person who can do an actual kick ass Robin.


    Best superhero: BATMAN

    Nolan is a god of cinema. He can do no wrong. And The Dark Knight is going to be hard to top.


    Nolan has already stated on numerous occasions that he will not do a Batman movie with Robin in it. I think Christian Bale also said he wouldn’t do the movie if they had Robin.


    Could be for Catwoman / Selina Kyle, I suppose, though that seems wrong.

    Red Hood?


    Maybe the bike being taken out of a truck was just coincidence to the nearby filming? Needless to say, tis a fucking badass bike..regardless if it’s in the film or not.

    Big Black

    Excellent post man! I’d be having a huge geek boner if I happened on that.


    The Dark Knight should’ve been called The Joker Begins, or The Disgruntled Muffled Batman.

    I enjoyed it, but mainly because half the movie wasn’t about Batman. I hope this one goes in the same direction.