support piracy

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    Ever argue with a free market zealot who illegally dowloads thousands of dollars worth of music/movies/etc?

    “I’m actually promoting their work by stealing & disseminating it…they should pay me!


    Corporate Stooge

    Our focus group loved your logo and we’ve decided to add it to our t-shirt product line. We’d give you cut of the profits for your design but … well … we support piracy too. So, we won’t.


    Try talking with the guys who made Torchlight about what they think of piracy. They feel that piracy and not getting stupid with DRM has actually HELPED their legit sales.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    thefuk is torchlight?

    RSIxidor These guys, I think.

    DRM is bad for business, but so is piracy. They both hurt sales.

    Micro-transactions are the way of the future for a lot of the gaming industry.


    Right, because capitalism as an economic system only continues thanks to the sale of digital products. Durable and non-durable goods? Pfft, we just download HD pictures of them.


    Another first year, first semister college kid who knows everything makes a wallpaper.


    college might have helped you spell semester right


    Support Piracy, Buy bottled water.


    I understand that Somalians (and other people in that region), are poor as fuck, but hijacking ships, and kidnapping people is wrong, and it won’t destroy capitalism, quite the opposite (anyone remember reason for Afghan, Iraq #2 war ?).
    Destroying capitalism, would require moving past consumption driven lifestyle.