spitfire or hurricane

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    You just hate us for our freedom.

    PS The Pilgrim Fathers were not persecuted, we kicked them out.


    Given the shape of the wings and body, I’ll say it’s a artists representation of a Spitfire.
    Hurricanes had a much more rounded wing-tip; the spitfire’s wing were much more “pointy”



    Messerschmitt bf 109 in front.


    For a plane nerd, you are woefully uninformed


    Gotta love that the victory in the battle of Englind is put down to the spitfire yet the hurricane’s out numbered then almose 2 to 1, could take more punishment, and accounted for more comfirmed kills by nearly 3 to 1. History is not only written by the victor but also by who has the best PR department.


    It was prettier.
    Haters gonna hate.


    Jumping on the bandwagon – Wings and cockpit are the biggest giveaways between the spitfire and hurricane. Hurricane has squarish wing tips and a box-like canopy instead of the spitfire’s round bubble canopy.


    Replying to myself – go figure. Quick google (cos I am a bit of a spitfire nut) – turns out the image is of Pilot Officer Carroll W. “Red” McColpin, was flying as Meares’s wingman in his Spitfire Mk VB, coded XR-Y. At approximately 1340, McColpin spotted 18-20 Me-109Fs a few hundred feet below, and called out the bogies to Meares. As they dived to the attack, Meares fired on the nearest 109. McColpin followed, firing a half-second burst from under 50 yards. The German fighter burst into flames. Then, as McColpin related it, “I broke away to port and… Read more »


    The English still think that the Spitfire single handedly won WWII.


    No, no we don’t. We understand that Battle of Britain was won by the logistic genius of Fighter Command. Unlike America we are willing to look at the nuanced information rather than make broad sweeping statements.

    How are you enjoying Fox News?


    I never watch Faux Noise. Ever. Your arguement is invalid. What does that have to do with Tea Bags in England being confused… oh yeah. TEA BAGGERS. You’re a Tea Bag, and we have political Tea Baggers. And then there’s the sexual reference. I get why you’re confused. How do you like that boiled, um, whatever it is you’re having for supper?


    Congratulations, you just managed to live up to all the sterotypes of an ill educated badly informed American but you forgot one, I should have bad dental care too.

    Ever ask yourself where these ideas come from?


    That’s right! The teeth! How could I have forgotten the teeth? And, of course, the fact that you worship a bunch of cousin fuckers! Fish and Chips! Mini Cooper! Pip pip and all that! LOL Cheerio, old chap!


    I get those stereotypes from watching BBC and BBC America! Red Dwarf and Top Gear!


    Wait, what?

    It was a reference to Murdoch with Fox News in the US and what is happening with BSkyB and News International in the UK. I do not think those words mean what you think they mean. And then you lost me…

    You’re a fucking retard, go drive your moterbike into a wall.