anti heros

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    Fail. These are not Anti Heroes. These are Villains.

    Anti Heroes are good guys with negative traits such as Frank Castle or Al Simmons.


    In my opinion, Sinestro and Bizarro count. Black Adam definitely counts.

    tiki god

    Sinestro and Black Adam are evil evil evil guys.

    Bizarro’s just misunderstood 🙁


    Sinestro does what he does because he believes it is what’s best for the universe. His means differ from the Green Lanterns, but his intention is the same: for peace, in his case through order to exist. Black Adam does what he will to protect those he loves and his home. This is not villainous, it is patriotic. Saying this is evil is the same as saying someone is evil merely because they are communist, because it doesn’t agree with your political views. I will admit that he did some really fucked up shit during WW3, though. Bizarro is Superman’s… Read more »

    tiki god

    I think we’re reading different books. Isn’t Black Adam the one that was ripping everyone’s spines out after his wife was killed? and then he went and riped a couple superheroes just for the shit of it?

    and isn’t sinestro the leader, #1 guy for the Fear Corps? Their only mission in the universe is to instill fear into others.

    Bizarro is EVERYONE’s best friend.


    I agree on all three. I have to say that Brainiac may qualify as well. In his eyes,
    he is only trying to amass all the knowledge in the universe to ensure it’s safe
    keeping for all eternity. If you try to hamper his mission, you are endangering
    the universe and must be eliminated.

    I spy: Grundy, Sinestro, Captain Cold, Black Manta, (damn you Manta!) Bizarro, Joker, Cheetah, Dr. Silvana, Brainiac, Luthor, Grodd, Parasite, Ivy, (is the dude with the shitty mustache Deadshot?) Toyman, Riddler, Scarecrow, Clayface and Giganta. No?


    I’ll have to look in the Justice glossary later. It’s not Deadshot, he wouldn’t have his mask off for something like this.


    The Joker, Sinestro and Luthor are right fucking there. I don’t care who they’re surrounded by, there’s no way in hell you can label this group “anti-hero”.

    Maxwell Edison

    Step 1: Realize the title is inaccurate.
    Step 2: Look at who posted it.
    Step 3: Son of a bitch.


    Riddler, when he was trying to be a private investigator to rival Batman, could also qualify.

    Not that any of this really applies to the JUSTICE mini that this pic comes from.

    Maxwell Edison

    A series I felt had a strong beginning, but then made the interesting beginning kind of not really matter, and ended rather uninterestingly.


    Needs more Darkseid.