Google+ has Circles

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And I has Google+

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    Just FYI – those are spheres, not circles


    Those are spheres.


    How does a 2 dimension object cast a shadow then?


    Technically, he is correct. Those are circles, carefully made to LOOK like spheres. Unless your monitor is WAAAAY more advanced than mine, and those circles are sticking out both the front and back of it, with the glass bisecting the exact middle, they ARE only circles. 2D representations of a 3D object, yes, but still only a circle, due to them being, well, 2D. I can say definitively, however, that we’re all putting way too much energy into discussing circles vs. spheres. Myself included.


    Well, I don’t want to start this trend of discussion, but since we’ve started I should point out that they aren’t even circles; they are gridwise pixels which have a sufficiently high resolution that they appear to be circles to our eyes.

    I am suddenly reminded of the Family Guy episode where the woman on the chat show turns out to be a man, who is a horse, who is a broom.


    they’re balls. and they’re touching.

    yes, they are.

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