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    Holy shit this is spot on!

    At least for the retired and Prestine Harley ones. No clue on the others

    I want the custom dragon chopper. I wouldn’t ride anything else.


    I don’t fit into those catagories.


    yeah, i dont think i do either. i think this was angrily drawn by someone who was miffed he got passed by a jackass on a gsxr something doing a wheelie, and then stuck behind an old harley rider with painfully loud exhaust.

    some bikers ride like jerks, just as some people drive like jerks…you could pretty easily draw similar conclusions based on those who drive trucks, SUVs, sedans, etc. some people would fall into those categories, but most probably dont.


    How does $85,000 rider afford a bike after splitting his wealth 3 times??


    The matching couple on the Goldwing is pretty funny. I’ve seen them many times.

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