lip piercing

lip piercing

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    Most things suit a beauty, but on you this would look trashy.


    I’ve got some lip gloss for her.


    In my opinion, piercings are the worst things a woman can do to her looks. I can live with earrings, but why would anybody want to stake their lips, bellybuttons or, god forbid, their tits? It’s just plain ugly.


    Agreed, I don’t mind a reasonable amount of small earrings, a bellybutton ring is ok looking but will get infected, and a nose ring if small enough can look ok (but only on dark skinned girls IMNSHO). But all other piercings look worse than shit, seriously girls, just smear some faeces on that area you were gonna put a stupid piecing, it is cheaper, less painful and looks better. lip rings are horrid, tit rings are wrong (are you trying to break my teeth?), and clit rings are criminal. Dont even get me started on the prince albert…sick bastard.


    If your teeth are in danger of being broken by nipple rings, you are really not doing something right.


    You guys are fags, your dick goes in there.