batman in his bat armor

batman in his bat armor

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    He’s in the future.

    Think Tank

    I wish Lex Luthor came back from the future and warned me not to buy this game.


    What game is this from?

    Think Tank

    It’s the opening movie from the DC Universe Online game that came out for PS3 and PC.

    tiki god

    shit son, I could have told you not to buy this game. did you not see any of the game play demos they did? it’s like WoW, but without the Blizzard touch.


    It is actually nothing like WoW…a very good game but the company not fixing any bugs (there are still some from beta) has lead to low population which makes it “super” un-fun.


    No kidding but its all i have until swtor…


    I’m still playing it. There are some very annoying things, but after the big PSN downtime it seems to have improved quite a bit.

    I sort of think the PVP is garbage. Except Legends, Legends is really fun.

    Overall, I continue to have fun with it, despite its issues. The DC characters do make me like it more, of course … But I can’t mentor to Green Lantern and that sucks.