President joe biden

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    love your sarcasm.


    Too bad it’s fake.


    Yeah, real tweet (hacked), fake announcement.


    I doubt that it was a result of hacking. Fox News has a ‘special’ sort of humor.


    As much as I dislike FNC, I’m not inclined to believe that they’d go that far with their misdirection and lies.

    My hatred for Fox News isn’t because they’re biased, it’s because they’re so blatant about it and continually insist that they’re “fair and balanced”. It’s also because of their little persecution complex: How they can say negative things about others, but whenever others say negative things about them, it’s the “liberal media out to get them”.


    What has become the most questionable in all this is not that
    they denied it immediately after it was discovered and
    brought to their attention.
    But that they continued to leave it up for over 6 hours
    before finally taking it down.

    Shit like this happens at our newsroom all the time.
    Once discovered it’s taken down within minutes or as soon as
    someone brings it to our attention.
    I find the whole incident suspicious.


    Biden would still make a better President than George W.


    A chimp on meth would make a better President than W.


    W was a chimp on meth


    I lol’d