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    Mike Y Herring is clearly a douche bag. Guess he’s never heard of Project Gutenberg, or how British libraries have books AND internet access so you can use all the available knowledge.


    It looks like Mark Y Herring. but I completely agree. US Libraries have internet too.


    Didn’t care enough to check his name.
    There is clearly a need for books AND the internet.
    Books can’t be updated easily when thing change, and old knowledge is corrected/made obsolete. Try doing a report on psychology, medicine, or science with an out of date book and see where you get!

    Rhino Scooter

    Clearly, there’s still much more offline rather than online.


    Proves his point, if all you read is on the internet and no where else, you can’t read. Mike / Mark is not tomato /tomahto

    Maxwell Edison

    Point 6… e-readers are a chore. Highly subjective, and his “more than a generation away” is ridiculous. Unless he means e-reader generations, in which case, that’s about 1-2 years. Point 8 ignores the broad selection of material that already exists in digital form. I suspect he’s calculating storage space, factoring in man-hours of labor to scan pages, possibly adding in the cost of the computing power of OCR on all those books, and multiplying it by a number he pulled out of his ass.

    Embrace change, Mark.


    While there are a few good points, you can’t grep dead trees.


    This guy needs to let go of the old ways.


    And here we have the last shrill, wavering whine from the buggy-whip industry….


    He’s right, but wrong (I know, stupid statement). Getting everything worth knowing on the internet, AND with quality control, is a very difficult and expensive enterprise. Universities need their paper archives until that one New England Journal of Medicine article from 1895 you absolutely need for your paper has been scanned (into a pdf format that has had an OCR treatment so that you can scan by keyword). That doesn’t mean that the internet hasn’t done an amazing job of distribution of knowledge. Sure, s/he prefaces it with the disclaimer that they’re simply pointing out that the internet can’t substitute… Read more »


    no just wrong imao. 1. It does 2.Learn to search efficiently 3.Check Facts for yourself. People lie in books 4.Check Facts for yourself 5.If a better way comes along don’t say stop using it because it will make its predecessor obsolete 6.Why are you bringing this in. it has nothing more to do with the internet than a monitor. 7.Don’t know can’t argue but best guess is #5 8.Why State and not a Nation Library or WHY NOT A GLOBAL LIBRARY 9.Just wrong and very stupid for ever saying it 10.If I want to wright a research paper i’ll do… Read more »


    I love my Kindle… make him stop saying mean things about it 🙁


    By his reasoning then The Bible is a lot more reliable and cuddly than my laptop. Pfft,


    A librarian tries defending their crusty old job.

    Joke and punch line all in the same sentence.