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    This is what happens when idiots learn awesome art skills


    Actually… ^Comments like this is where presumptuous idiots throw in their two cents.

    This image is the skin art from League of Legends. They did a skin art for a viking character called Olaf. The skin created as a joke, is available for purchase and use by the players. The skin itself is a satire of “Bros” as you can see Craggy Ice is a direct reference to Natty Ice (AKA Natural Ice).


    and of course Brolaf is Bro-P, BROMACIAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!


    That paragraph you just wrote is still basically what I said


    Not really…what he was saying is that there is a purpose to this art…it wasn’t just some guy in his basement thinking he was funny. If your look at the rest of the art that the riot team puts out its actually quite amazing…they just like to have fun sometimes. When did that become distasteful?


    I dunno how that makes him an idiot. Dude’s getting paid. I think the skin is hilarious. The artwork is great. And millions of people are seeings his art everyday. Sounds like a success story to me.


    Why do you guys keep saying what I just said?


    “Your mom’s OP.”