think different

think different

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    Good computers but overpriced. ipad is actually pretty neat. Steve Jobs might be insane.

    Alec Dalek

    Crash Different!


    no no no, Steve Ballmer is insane


    I love my iPad (something really nice about it since it just works) but I like my Nook running Android CM7.0.2. (but requires a bit more tweaking to get it “just right”) My Mac Mini is powering my HTPC and everything else is Windows 7 (including my OC’d desktop that I built myself and I’m typing on right now). Sure, Macs are easier to use & are solid computers that use good components and have incredible support (that you pay a premium for when you buy one of their computers) but I grew up with Windows and really enjoy the… Read more »


    How does having a plain white computer make you different?


    Bad grammar. should be “Think differently” although they really don’t. PC is the smarter choice for most uses


    It’s not enough to be different. I can wear a necktie around my knee, that’s different. It’s also stupid. Like the average iCultist. No intelligent person would pay high-end gaming PC prices for last year’s middle-range computer.

    /Bill Gates unveiled the Tablet PC 7 years before the iPad
    //Apple steals ideas and markets them to hipsters and fools
    ///but I repeat myself


    I love my iPhone, but I will probably never buy a Mac. PC’s are used for everything in the real world, and unless I’m in teaching or entertainment, I don’t see any practical applications for a Mac that my PC wouldn’t do as well or better for less. Add in the lack of Flash on Apple products, and the PC is a clear winner for 1/2 the cost of a comparable Apple computer.
    The iPad looks cool, but I’ll be waiting until at least the 3rd version hits before I bite. Not sure I see a need for it.


    Wow everyone at my college is different, in the same way.


    Think different. Just like everyone else. Buying the worlds best selling mp3 player makes you unique!


    Apple never “invented” anything. They take tech that’s 1/2 year old and repackage it and put their lame OS on it, then charge you an arm and a leg because they make you THINK you are “elite” and you buy into it.