please give me one more chance

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    It ain’t easy bein’ a pimp.


    Yeah, why not.

    After all, the best they’re putting up on the other side is a female version of the Bush-Imbecile we had for 8 years. And we’ll be digging out of that fucking hole for the next 30 years.


    Either him or Mitt Romney who’s really just Obama with a white paint job –
    I’ll go with the Devil I know, thank you!


    He had total control over the White House and BOTH houses of Congress and the only fucking thing he did was pass a Health Care bill that every labor union is trying to get exempt from and got us into a third war without getting required authorization for (even Bush-Imbecile wasn’t arrogant enough to do that). Oh, yeah there is that little thing call the Debt which back in 1996 he said “The fact that we are here today to debate raising America’s debt limit is a sign of leadership failure”, I wonder what he thinks about that now. Worst… Read more »

    Alec Dalek

    Learn math. He did not have control over both houses. The Repugnantcans are responsible for everything that’s happened for the last 11 years.


    Yeah right. Delude yourself.


    The best way for Obama to get a second term is to remind people what it was like under Bush. The argument that Obama is history’s worst president because he hasn’t solved all of America’s problems in a single term is ludicrous. If he were asleep at the wheel I would agree with you, but that’s not my impression. We’re simply dealing with a political culture devoted to stopping opponents from getting things done. It’s one big Congressional cock-blocking fest.


    Annual deficit of$160 billion, 5.4% unemployment, Dow Jones over 12,000, those reminders?

    Have an Evil day


    fact: you are all morons if you argue who’s better. they all will fuck you with the big government dick just as equally. don’t vote.


    I’ve been around since Eisenhower, this bobbing turd is the worst “president” EVER.


    Wow. Are you one of those Russian bots I keep hearing about, or a genuine fossilized racist fuck? And if the latter, does the nurse know you’re on the internet again?