nerd dreams

nerd dreams

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    He’ll get there, then wonder why he still can’t talk to girls…


    Then he’ll look for a fat drunk girl who is out of it, who drunkenly grabs his stomach and makes a comment about how hard it is, she’ll slouch onto him in a bar and he’ll think “fuck it – ill smash this drunk tubber” and hey presto, he will be on cloud 9 for three weeks, then she won’t answer a few of his texts and answer half assed when she does. and he will ask his friend his opinion, which will be stop texting her.

    I… I guess…


    better buy three wolf moon t-shirt


    At least he’s got initiative. Good for him.


    Because alpha males / any non-nerds are born into this world erupting from the birth canal like a rocket chock full of muscular mass

    Yes, yes, deductive fallacies all thet way


    Ah good ole Boris. I can tell your style a mile away…